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The Dashmesh Educational Charitable Trust was established in April 1999, with the avowed object of spreading the message of Sri Guru Gobind Singh that the highest service is provided by the spread of knowledge.
The Trust aims towards providing quality education by creation of a centre of academic excellence for promoting studies in Sikhism and other ancient sciences, and also aims to serve society by providing better health care facilities as well.
Sri Gobind Tricentenary Dental College, Hospital & Research Institute, Budhera, Gurgaon was established under the aegis of The Dashmesh Educational Charitable Trust to prepare students for a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Surgery. The first academic session commenced in 2002-03. The Dental College & Hospital are committed to providing state of the art facilities & health care to the rural community of this region.
It was also the intention to create better health awareness amongst the rural population, for amelioration of the social and economic standards of the community in general.

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Notification of Government of Haryana Department of Medical Education & Research (date (19/06/2012)
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