Hostel »
The boys and the girls hostels in the college campus are separated by a field. The two are surrounded by well maintained gardens and lawns. It has a capacity to provide boarding and lodging to more than 200 students. We have a well organized messroom which provides cold water, freshly cooked food three times a day and evening tea.
There is a common room which houses a GYM. This area is also most suitable for studying in the evenings - There is space provided for indoor games when the weather is foul.
In-house doctors are present during any emergency.
For comfort, there is a generator facility esp. during the afternoons and nights.
There is a shopping complex with a small canteen which provides fresh snacks and cold drinks at normal rates.
Experienced wardens are also on a round-the-clock check along with security guards to discourage any untoward incidents taking place in the campus.
Hostel life has a charm all of its own. When one gets adapted, this brings about an overall change in an individual like confidence in dealing with every day activities and personality development. These are important factors which give a moral boost to the graduating students later on in life.