Library »
The college has an excellent Health Sciences library with state of the art facilities. The library has been carefully planned to have more space & natural lighting for the comfort of readers. It has the capacity to accommodate 300 students at a time. The library is well equipped with different resources.
The library has more than six thousand books in circulation section and library also has reference collections on Dental and Medical subjects. The library has regular subscription of seventy five International & National journals on Health Sciences.
Digital Library »
Library has a well-maintained Digital Library with on-line connectivity of twenty terminals. It is very useful for information seekers. The digital library has needful collection of CD-ROM, e-Journals, on-line Journals. The digital library also has twenty computers in digital sections of various departments and all are connected through LAN systems with facilities of LCD.
The central library has good reading environment with facilities of various sections: »
1. Circulation Section
2. Reference Section
3. Journals Section
4. Periodical Section
5. News Paper Section
6. Photocopy Section
7. Technical Section
8. Binding Section
9. Audio-Visual Section
10. Staff Reading Section
11. Student Reading Section
12. Digital Library Section
13. User Property Section
S.G.T. Dental College Library running under the supervision of:
Mr. Mukesh C. Bharti