The institution is managed by the Dashmesh Educational Charitable Trust, under the chairmanship of Shri Ram Bahadur Rai, an eminent personality in the field of journalism, and the leadership of reputed educationist Shri Manmohan Singh Chawla, who is the Managing Trustee.
Commitment of the Trust
  • To make the Institute a premier and prestigious dental college in India.
  • To attract and recruit the best faculty for the Institute.
  • To provide the best infrastructure and facilities for students.
  • To have well equipped departments.
  • To provide conducive educational environment.
  • To continuously upgrade the library with latest books, journals and other educational material.
  • To provide state of the art laboratories and museums.
  • To continuously upgrade the general hospital with the latest equipment, facilities and qualified doctors.
  • To aggressively carry out health awareness programmes in nearby villages.
  • To improve healthcare facilities for the local rural folk, often deprived of specialist care.
  • To arrange necessary funds for the expansion and upgradation of the Institute.
  • To instil the moral of "service before self" in the minds of the students by guiding them to serve the humanity at large.
  • All the above commitments are directed towards the aim of training budding dentists to become dedicated professionals whom we would like to consult when we ourselves are in need.
Shri Ram Bahadur Rai             Shri Manmohan Singh Chawla
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